Independence and agility the perfect storm for success

Storm Gaming
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The independent nature of Storm Gaming Technology has given the company the agility necessary to stay on the forefront of the ever changing digital games market. CEO Richard Sheldon explains why.

Regarding the current state of the digital gaming market and its prevailing trends, Storm’s Richard Sheldon sees some textbook analysis forming. “In a nutshell, [the market is] dominated by vertically integrated global players,” he observed. “That cannot benefit either consumers or the retailers. It is up to independents like Storm to change that, and that’s exactly what we are aiming to do over the coming months and through 2019.”

And where better to start that process than in London next week. Looking ahead to ACOS as a chance to highlight products he noted that the company’s stand will feature a number of exciting additions primed for success throughout Q4 2018 and beyond.

“We are showcasing our three new Terminals, the GT6000, Neon and Colossus Triple Screen terminals. Each has brand new content for the Autumn, including a whole new range of both branded ITV IP and new random based games,” said Sheldon.

He added that a number of new staff and investors will also be on the Storm Gaming Technology stand, although he was understandably coy about saying too much at this stage.

The show itself has grown to a point of prominence within the UK event calendar, giving those in attendance not only a timely opportunity to look back over the year, but plan for the time ahead, especially given the interpersonal nature of the show, commented Sheldon.

“It’s absolutely key to us exhibiting at ACOS. The opportunity to meet existing customers, pub retailers, operators, colleagues and friends from across the industry is in itself, worth both the time and financial commitment that exhibiting at ACOS is.”

He added that the high quality UK-centric nature of events such as ACOS can also factor into company aims and portfolio focus at more global shows, safe in the knowledge that the UK regional customer is always being fully serviced.

“ACOS has grown over the past three years and now forms an important part of the gaming calendar. It’s a good opportunity to meet retailers and operators and network as well as showcase our product range. However, whilst EAG has an overlap in visitors’ we see ICE as very much an opportunity to showcase product we produce for markets outside the UK that now includes Spain, Africa and the Americas.”

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