Herne Bay Pier unveils £4m extension plan

Herne Bay Pier
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The Herne Bay Pier Trust is hoping to secure funding to help its aim of restoring the attraction’s former status as the second longest pier in the UK.

Ambitious £4m plans to extend Herne Bay Pier by building a new walkway and platform have been unveiled.

If the money is secured, it will be the first stage of long-term ambitions to reconnect the pier to its former head, which was left detached after storms destroyed the central boardwalks in the late 1970s.

The Herne Bay PierTrust is hoping to secure funding for the plans from the government’s Coastal Communities Fund, set up to help regenerate seaside resorts.

Doreen Stone,theTrust’s chair,said it had yet to decide how far the extension would go, but it has an aim to get halfway out to the isolated pierhead.

She told KentOnline: “We can’t really manage to get all the way to the abandoned head yet,but it is the overall ambition of the pier trust to get out to where it used to be.

“We were once the second longest pier in the country and we’d love to be the longest this time around.”

Stone said she would also seek funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which has helped in the restoration of other piers such as Hastings.

“I’ll also look into getting funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund because if the old foundations are still in the pier it’d mean we could restore it,”she added.

“There’s an awful lot of feeling in Herne Bay that this is what we should do and we’ve virtually finished everything we’ve wanted to do on the existing pier.

“These plans for the extension will take a couple of years because I’ve got to find the funding. I think we’ll be looking for at least £4m for the first stage.”

The Trust is currently waiting to learn whether it has been successful in a bid for £50,000 from the government’s Coastal Revival Fund to purchase solar energy panels.

Stone said it would help kick-start plans to install more renewable energy technology on the pier and help Herne Bay become “one of the greenest seaside towns”in the country.

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