JNC to offer one-time deals on 2018 product lines

jnc sales
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JNC Sales has revealed that one-off deals on its 2018 product lines are coming over the next few weeks, as well as further reductions on used machines in the company’s Bristol-based warehouse.

This is all part of the distributor’s extended summer sale, which pro- vides operators the opportunity to pick up proven products, such as Pac-man Smash, Speed of Light, and Slam a Winner, at discounted prices.

“Pac-man Smash is a recent addition to the JNC warehouse, and the innovative air hockey table, which can host up to four players, is one of the most popular air hockey games available in today’s market,” explained sales executive Sam Coleman. “Big in size and just as big in performance, Pac-man Smash blends the traditional gameplay of air hockey with an excitable points feature that sees the introduction of dozens of mini-pucks throughout the game – creating the most intensely competi- tive air hockey game on the market!”

Coleman added that JNC’s equally sought after classic ticket redemption pieces – Speed of Light, where players must hit the lit-up buttons as quickly as possible, and Slam a Winner, where players test their timing by dropping a ball through different point holes – continue to provide “consistent reliability and cashbox takings for customers” operating across the UK.

Another top-performer for FECs in recent years has been the Ticket Roll- down, so much so that JNC now boast the market’s strongest range for operators to choose from.

“The new Super Heroes two player rolldown has topped many performance charts this year, enhanced by its excellent comic- themed cabinet design and attractive in-game topflash; whilst used, fully workshopped rolldowns such as Sweetlanes and Snakes and Ladders con- tinue to hold their ground on the arcade floor,” con- cluded Coleman, before adding that customers should keep an eye out for the company’s upcoming one-off deals.

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