Flamingo arcade opens new crazy golf centre

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It is hoped the new all-weather attraction will pull in the punters to the Kent arcade on a year-round basis.

The owners of one of Margate’s biggest amusement arcades have opened a new jungle-themed crazy golf centre in the property’s basement floor.

With the idea conceived two years ago, Adrienn and James Godden have spent the past year converting the space into the Lost Island 18-hole course.

James Godden said he hoped the centre would be another indoor attraction that could bring customers to the Flamingo all year round.

He told the KentLive website: “Because it’s indoors it will open all year round, so it will be a brilliant day out no matter what the weather is doing.

“It will be a place for the whole family,where grandparents can take their grandkids out for a couple of hours. It would be a good alternative to a kids play centre which might be a bit too energetic.

“The big kid in everyone always wants to have a punt at crazy golf and this is that experience with an atmosphere that’s totally unique.”

The Goddens have made the experience as immersive as possible, with the course featuring atmospheric jungle sounds, running water falls and lighting effects that set the scene amongst its ancient ruins-themed scenery and jungle wildlife models.

Godden explained: “We wanted to do something different, a unique leisure experience away from the arcade.

“Originally there was a dodgem track down there, so it’s nice to bring the place back to be a fully entertainment-focused venue.

“It’s all jungle-themed, whereas a lot of crazy golf courses in the area are very traditional, with a windmill theme.

“When you walk down the steps you are presented with a rope bridge and transported into another world.

“There’s Easter Island heads, a big dinosaur in a cage, a tiki shack and so much more. It’s such a sensory experience and we are very pleased with the result of it.”

The course has been designed to cater for all level of abilities, starting with several easier holes before offering some that represent a greater challenge.

As well as the 18 holes, a bonus hole will give players the opportunity to win a free game or arcade tickets.

“Every hole does something slightly different,” Godden said, “which adds to the fun of the whole experience.”

The Lost Island crazy golf centre will be open seven days a week, from 10am until 9pm.

Adult tickets cost £7, while discounted £5 tickets are offered for children under-11 and £3 for children under a metre tall.

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