Coinslot comment: Time to make a break from the seasonal break?

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The latest tourism figures confirm that the UK’s appeal both domestically and abroad is on a high. Is this the signal for investment to optimise an all-year round season asks Ken Scott.

Some say the football season starts too early,some think we should have a mid-season break, others say the season’s too long. And this year, we virtually had a year-round season with a great World Cup in election tampering, collusion Trumping, posion smearing Russia.

As Britain’s coastal resorts traditionally start to wind down,the trends are suggesting that the British have a taste for the seaside – and not just in the summer.

Tourism figures for the UK are enjoying an impressive run. And the Brits, in particular,are seeing their own coastal resorts as a place to spend more time – all year-round.

There’s no surprise that operators like Flamingo in Margate, Abid
Gulzar in Hastings and Eastbourne, Brighton, Clacton, Mumbles and Southport Piers, to name but a few, have all unveiled massive investment programmes.

Small operators, too, like Mr P’s are expanding into new towns. Even Henry Danter is refusing to allow local bureaucrats from dampening his spirits in Barry Island.

British society is once again seeing the amusements sector for what it is: fun, cost-effective, entertainment.

That’s why domestic tourism figures are up and that’s why the public are including amusements as a valuable part of their leisure activity.

Of course, les miserables, the Gambling Commission et al, clearly don’t like people having fun. They trade on misery, restrictions, dictats – if people actually want amusement arcades, well, that’s very bad news for the regulatory business.

But we digress slightly,and for a very important reason: if you are investing millions into your businesses, that’s millions into your local communities.

If you are bringing employment,leisure facilities and business opportunities into your town all year round,then someone needs to back you up and support you in this.

The industry needs effective champions to tackle a sometimes goose-stepping Gambling Commission; a local council with no common-sense and myopic nimby lobbyists that just say no.

If you are brave enough and entrepreneurial enough to make the move to an all-year round operation, then make sure your MPs, your community and your customers know about it and sing about it.

All we hear is the misery of the industry from those that regulate it and those that make money off the back of it; that narrative is deliberately designed to drown out the voices of your investment, your sacrifices, your commitment and your dedication.

Regulation doesn’t actually give a crap about your contribution to the economy or community. And someone has to stand up to them on your behalf and make sure they do, and ensure that your millions of pounds of investment in your business,your community and your local economy is protected.

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