Four bingo players net over £150,000 at same bingo hall in one month

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Players at Castle Bingo, in Merthyr Tydfil have been left stunned as after a set of huge wins in the space of one month.

One player took home £50,000 at the end of July – followed by two £47,000 jackpots and another £10,000 win.

The first winner, mother-of-three, Judith, from Tredegar, was introduced to bingo by her husband 20 years ago and had become a regular at Castle Bingo.

Judith said: “I love visiting Castle Merthyr and this is such a fabulous win, all of the members here have been so pleased for us and so supportive I would encourage anyone who hasn’t played Bingo to just go for it, you have to be in it to win it.”

Just two weeks after Judith’s jackpot another lucky player, Eileen, won £47,000 on August 13, at the Plymouth Street – before a third player scooped£47,000 on August 29.

A spokeswoman for the club said: “Our club in Merthyr has always been lucky with many big prizes being won by members over the years.

“The last few weeks have shown just how lucky our members are. Our winners Judith and Alan started the ball rolling by winning a massive £50,000 on the National Bingo Game closely followed by a lucky member winning nearly £10,000 on the National Cash Game.

“Our next big winner, Eileen joined us two weeks later taking an impressive £47,000 on our very own Castle Jackpot Game. The luck didn’t stop there with another one of our members taking an amazing £47,000 on the Castle Jackpot again.

“The lucky vibes resonate throughout the whole club creating a positive atmosphere. A party session is hosted the following week to celebrate the big win – these sessions are very popular and it is so great to see the members come together to toast the lucky winners.

“We look forward to many more big wins in the future!”

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