Coinslot commentaries: Give a little respect, says Ken Scott

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Respect seems to be a theme running through Coinslot commentaries these past few weeks. Last time out it was GambleAware’s Marc Etches requesting it from ‘slot editor Sam Spencer. This week it’s Ken Scott suggesting the Gambling Commission show just a little bit to octagenarian Alan Branch.

Cards on the table. My record of respect for the 80 plus brigade isn’t too
good. In my defence,the poor showing – and it is only one – started when my uncle was actually in his 50s. I’d been digging that pit for nearly four decades waiting to chuck the cantacrous old git into it. And yet, he still had the last laugh – they always do; he hung on, and on and on, and then decided to peg it abroad. Respect to him!

Speaking to Alan Branch over the past few months, that 80 year old barrier is simply unimaginable. He’s definitely senior, that was clear, but surely never that old (!) – he speaks eloquently, coherently, passionately and provocatively.

More important, he speaks with vast experience and knowledge. He knows his stuff.

Definitely enough to command respect from all and sundry. Branch is the main protagonist for pulltab lotteries. He has fought the Gambling Commis- sion tooth and nail over the genre for most of his senior years – and will continue to do so.

He is adamant there is an injustice done by the Gambling Commission’s position on the game.

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