Canvey Leisure Island hailed in national press

Canvey Island, Leisure Island
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Canvey’s Leisure Island Fun Park has been named by The Telegraph as one of the top 10 destinations for island day trips and holiday breaks in the UK.

A report in The Telegraph has placed Leisure Island in Canvey in the top ten locations for those wanting to plan an island day trip or staycation.

The accolade comes at a time when the Essex coastal resort has started to make ground on its more popular neighbours like Southend and Clacton and is representative of the positive mood throughout the region, according to Leisure Island manager Scott Petty.

“We are pleased as it means people are talking about Canvey seafront.I think the article is good for the seafront and will help to bring more people to the seafront.It is good to get some recognition for all our hard work.I think we offer good value for money, we have ride wristbands for £5 and cheap parking for visitors.

“We were contacted a few days ago asking for pictures for the list.When I got an email saying we had been mentioned I thought it was a wind up but it is more than just a mention,” he added.

The growing popularity of the area and this year’s near-unprecedented weather has not always been to the benefit of the park however, even if the overall trend is a resoundingly positive one.

“We have seen a boost in trade as the seafront has become more popular in recent times.When it is hot people come to the seaside but in the last few weeks it has been too hot. People have been going straight to the beach and some have been staying indoors.

Telegraph travel writer Chris Leadbeater was particularly effusive about the peninsula: “Essex adds a contribution to the isles of this realm in the seven square miles,18 sq km,of Canvey.

“The Romans once built a road here,but they were two millennia early for a day at Leisure Island Fun Park, with its teacups ride,go karts and dodgems Hon- estly,Vespasian – I said there was no rush.”

Barry Campagna,Canvey town mayor and beach vol- unteer also praised the fun park manager for his work although in slightly simpler terms,commenting that Petty “has worked extremely hard and has put in a lot of effort in to the park,” he said. “He offers a very fair price for the ride tickets and parking. Other places such as Southend are much more expensive. He is a great guy and he wants the best for Canvey.”

Campagna added that whilst the Leisure Island has been a notable success there is positivity throughout many aspects of the regional leisure market.

“I think all the seafront traders have done well but Scott Petty has done extremely well.He has captured the market of families. I think he deserves all the success.”

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