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There are few areas of innovation more important than that of consumer play engagement. The development of streamlined payment methods are an integral of the industry’s forward motion, a Semnox is a key part of this.

Semnox’s versatile range of wireless debit card readers led by the unique Parafait Lumin, facilitate cashless transactions for FECs, outdoor theme parks, and water parks. Crafted for wireless networks in adherence to current wi-fi standards, they use RFID technology and offer hassle-free ‘tap to play’ convenience.

With sdisplay options for themes, messages, and languages, the FCC/CE certified Parafait Lumin readers also feature built-in audio guidance. Favorable for integration with barcode/QR code/fingerprint devices other than RFID tags that they already sup- port, these readers have an LED bezel with 255 different software-controlled patterns and colours.

With its new age design, the waterproof, IP65-rated Parafait Edge readers are suitable for outdoor rugged environments. These are one-of-a-kind hardware readers in the market topped up with Parafait software module.

Starting off with the two-line RFID reader cards in 2008 to the water-resistant IP65 reader, Semnox has continuously been at the forefront of innovation with its array of cool and unique products.

Kiran Karanki, director, Semnox, commented: “Semnox has been at the forefront of innovation in the entertainment industry right from the start. Keeping abreast of the latest in technology and being always open to experimentation, we were also the first to embrace advances in the field such as RFID and standard 802.11 b/g/n WiFi.

“This has helped us ensure smooth and efficient operations to benefit both our client as well as their end user. The designing and developing of our Lumin reader, the sleekest in the market, is an instance of our commitment to innovation.

Prioritising customer convenience, we have made pioneer- ing efforts to usher in automated cashless transactions with our versatile range of readers. The ‘tap anywhere’ feature which makes it convenient for even small children to use the system, is yet another example of our dedication to developing cutting- edge technology.”

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