Monte Carlo: A unique digital gaming concept

Monte Carlo Elektra
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This year has seen a step forward for Electrocoin’s digital product, Monte Carlo. Not only has 2018 seen the introduction of the new Elektra cabinet as well as the Gemstar conversion, the market has also witnessed the number of games being offered to the player being doubled from the previous game compendium.

Electrocoin’s Kevin Weir commented on the response to the new cabinets: “We showed a prototype of the Elektra last year and following comments from customers, made some minor adjustments that would enhance its performance from their perspective. We are always conscious of the need to provide a product that is ‘operator friendly’ whilst being attractive and comfortable to the player. The new Elektra certainly fits that requirement and the response from players has been excellent, not only confirmed by the cash box, but also the on-site feedback to the new soft feel play deck and the comfortable playing position.”

Weir added: “We have also had an excellent response to our Gemstar conversion which offers the player exactly the same content as the Elektra, but from the operator’s point of view, they get an extended life from their Eclipse cabinet. One Independent operator recently told me that they were delighted to be guaranteed their own cabinets would be returned to them as Gemstars once converted, as they were frustrated with receiving poor quality cabinets that had once belonged to someone else’.”

This year has also seen a big step forward regarding content as Weir explained: “Our product is designed to appeal across all sectors, including pub, AGC, bingo etc, and are very conscious that some games perform better in certain sectors and others do well in different venues.Therefore, we decided to increase our menu size and add new content that would have wide appeal.We now have an eighteen-game menu that allows the players to find the game that appeals to their style of play, however we are constantly surprised by the results from venues where games targeted at one sector are having huge appeal in another. All of our content is unique, some of it featuring the famous BAR X brand, but the diversity of game style ensures that that there is something for everybody. We have even started introducing some lower Jackpot games as well as cat D, as different markets have different requirements. We also now have Monte Carlo operating with TITO across a great number of venues.”

If operators are looking for a state-of-the-art,unique package featuring the wealth of knowledge and content that Electrocoin has built up over the years, then Monte Carlo fits the bill.

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