Everyone’s a winner: Tom Clarke of JNC Sales talks market sector

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Cost effective, high quality and field proven, used and refurbished gaming machines offer operators a multiplicity of benefits. Tom Clarke, managing director JNC Sales, takes stock of this crucial market sector.

Coinslot: How important is the new/refurb market segment?

Tom Clarke:JNC is historically active in the used machine market and are one of the leading distributors of new and used amusement equipment.We have always had a large workshop dedicated to preparing used machines and have over 30 years of experience work- ing across different types of product. We’ve seen growth this year as a result of customers looking for better value for money on machines that come with a proven record of good income.”

CS: How crucial is the market to your company specifically?

TC: “JNC is fortunate to be in a position where we can sell new and used equipment to suit all types of customer and budget.With the ability and experience to workshop and sell used equipment,we can be flexible with our customers and can offer various p/x options when selling machines. With such a wide variety of used machines in stock we are often the first point of contact when people are look- ing for second-hand equipment,from more recent releases to the weird and wonderful classics!.”

CS: Are there any specific services that your refurbishment departments offer that you would like to highlight?

TC: “JNC of course hold a Gambling Commission Operating Licence, allowing us to supply, adapt, maintain, and repair equipment. We also have in house ADIPS certified engineers to ensure machines are maintained to the highest standards and offer customers confidence in their performance. Both new and used machines come with industry-leading after sales support and parts warranties to also help with the machines once sited.”

CS: Have you seen any specific products or machine types performing particularly well from your used estate this year?

TC: “Classic videos such as Superbikes twin and Guitar Hero have done well this year, a reflection on their popularity with the teenage market and also their ability to hold their own in terms on quality on an arcade floor (Superbikes come with LCD screens fitted in the workshop).Operators have also invested well in budget redemption machines like SmokinToken Extreme and HatTrick to help complement their larger and more expensive redemption pieces.”

CS: How can the ability to refresh a machine estate with time-proven units benefit operators?

TC: “As everyone knows it’s important for arcades to keep refreshing equipment so that there are different machines for returning customers to play year in year out.Many customers see value in having a mix of new and used equipment to provide a cost-effective way of optimising takings without having to invest heavily every year .New equipment, by contrast to trusted and well-known second-hand machines,can come with the risk that they may not be as popular as hoped and can be an expensive exercise if they don’t perform.”

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