How RLMS is applying a fresh coat of paint to the past

Tony Glanville
Bulldog – Hamster’s Ball LB
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In a 21st Century where upcycling and sustainability are part of the everyday vernacular, Tony Glanville, managing director of RLMS Sales, explains how their in-house approach to used equipment in the amusements industry is more than just a trend, it’s a vital part of their business.

COINSLOT: How important is the used/refurbished machine market in the UK?

TONY GLANVILLE: Like the spares and components sector of the market,the used and refurbished segment is often represented as the unsung hero of coin-op.It fulfils a vital role for many locations where capital for investment isn’t always in vast supply and offers a reasonably priced route for operators to update and refresh their machine quota.

CS: How crucial is the market to your company specifically?

TG: The importance of high quality refurbished equipment has not been lost on the team at RLMS Sales. The company prides itself on stocking a wide range of equipment,all of which has been over- hauled and reinvigorated to the very highest standards to ensure it will look good in any site.

CS: Are there any specific services that your refurbishment departments offer that you would like to highlight?

TG: Achieving those standards is no mean feat. Hence RLMS has its own dedicated team of refurbishment specialists who know and understand exactly what it takes to get a used product back to its gleaming best and in fine working order. All work is carried out in RLMS’ workshop which has its own spray shop to ensure consistency and quality.

CS: Have you seen any specific products or machine types performing particularly well from your used estate this year?

TG: We sell used products across all machine categories and to every business sector. We hold a comprehensive range of used equipment in stock that is changing daily. The range of used equipment available is variable according to differing factors. New product sales tend to generate part exchanges of the same genre. Hence, if we are selling the latest hi-tech from Bell Fruit Games then we would expect to see a large number of used hi-techs being made available as part exchanges.

This applies equally if we are selling the latest new B3s or lo-tech Cat Cs from Astra and Project in that they would generate used B3 and lo-tech Cat C opportunities. Our most popular range is used Cat C and D, both hi and lo-tech, and that is simply due the fact that those categories are still the highest volume sited product in the UK market. We have also seen an increase in the digital cat C market with customers looking to update their offering, with our available range growing to accommodate our customer requirements.

CS: How can the ability to refresh a machine estate with time-proven units benefit operators?

TG: The earning potential of top quality proven used and refurbished amusement and gaming equipment should never be underestimated.Such equipment can play a vital role for operators looking to add a cost-effective boost to their arcades. There may be periods during the year where an operator might need to refresh the arcade floor with something different, but finds the cost of a brand new piece prohibitive. This is where the already proven second hand option makes perfect sense – just as long as there’s no compromise on quality.

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Bulldog – Hamster’s Ball LB