Equinox range pushing the boundaries in B3

Hula Hula
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The Equinox range of gaming terminals from SG Gaming, Scientific Games’ UK division, has quickly risen to a point of industry prominence since its launch in February and now represents one of the most advanced solutions available.

Following months of research and development, SG Gaming identified a unique opportunity to build a terminal that is dynamic and adaptable in its offering, providing customers with a terminal that can be modified to meet the needs of specific types of venues.

The Equinox range comprises three striking terminals,
which offer operators a choice of HD screen size and game content, with the Equinox 2.4 and the Equinox 2.7 boasting three 24” and 27” HD screens respectively. The third terminal, the Equinox MPS, is made up of multiple player units which each host a 55” curve feature screen above a 32” player screen, offering the ultimate 4K playing experience. All terminals’ features are enhanced by a directional sound system.

The modular design of the Equinox terminal range allows operators to customise their terminal by choosing a bezel finish including chrome and LED options. A newly developed, fully interactive 15.6” V-Deck+ button panel provides a larger inter- active playing experience, while a new integrated barcode reader offers the capability of scanning free bet rewards directly from a smartphone device.

To elevate the player experience, the V-Deck+ panel includes ‘Privacy Mode’ – a unique industry innovation which allows discreet gameplay on selected titles from the SG Gaming library. The feature has been introduced following extensive research by SG Gaming, which identified a real desire amongst players and customers to have enhanced privacy options whilst playing in some retail environments. When activated, ‘Privacy Mode’ minimises gameplay from the main screen onto the V-Deck+ panel at the touch of a button. This feature has been integrated into selected games across the SG Gaming library.

Adaptable and boasting stunning 4K graphics, the Equinox MPS provides a larger-than-life community gaming experience. The Equinox MPS hosts a brand new, deluxe version of the Rainbow Riches Community Cash game, which now includes features like Money Comb, Moonlight Magic and Wishing Well.

Phil Horne, CEO of SG Gaming UK, said: “For over a year, our engineering, content development and product teams have been working to create this cutting-edge range of new hardware. By offer- ing a modular terminal design, we are providing our customers with a host of different screen sizes and style options, and giving them more variety as part of their overall gaming experience across all the sectors that SG Gaming operates in – Licensed Betting Office, Arcade, Bingo and Casino – particularly with the addition of the 27” HD screen.

“The content development team have always been dedicated to innovation and this exceptional capability is demonstrated through the creation of the compelling new content to accompany the hardware. I’m extremely proud of the new ‘Privacy Mode’ function, which has been delivered seamlessly and has been well received by players.”

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