Step aside and let us decide

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Our present political system is demoralising, laments Ken Scott. Time, then, for us to take back control. I wrote to the Prime Minister today.

Not about the Triennial – that’ll be another time. But about the Brexit mess. I asked her to let the British people and British businesses make the final decision on what form of Brexit we should have.

And now.

It’s depressingly clear that Parliament, the body we have entrusted to take all the important decisions when they come back to Britain, is actually unable to do so. But then why would it?

We have a remainer steering the departure negotiations – Mrs May – and an ardent Brexiteer – Mr Corbyn – opposing them. What an irony.

On Europe, May has more in common with Labour’s momentum movement than Jeremy Corbyn; and Corbyn has more in common with the Tory far right Rees-Mogg brigade than their own leader Theresa May.

Britain is in a crippling tangle over this and business and the public needs it sorted out immediately and once and for all.

Parliament is divided on the issue; the political parties themselves are split in half. Hey, even in the real corridors of the powerless, Coinslot, there’s a deep divide on the Europe issue, probably split right down the middle.

I personally can’t bear the prospect of deceit in another general election campaign; and I certainly can’t bear my future determined by gobshite political egotists of third rate PM wannabees, slyly lining up in a back door leadership bid.

I feel that the only people honest enough to make the decision is us. So I went on to the Number 10 website and sent my 1000 characters to Mrs May, for her to ignore!

And I asked her to give us an immediate referendum with four final options:

1. A Hard Brexit – the Rees-Mogg/Johnson exit

2. A Soft Brexit – the May proposition or Canada+++ exit

3. A Suspended Brexit – suspend the exit for 5 years and drive major revisions in the EU through a disruptive voting strategy in Brussels (!)

4. No Brexit -remaining in the EU

This is actually the choice we were never given two years ago, and now, with all the arguments in the public arena, it’s the choice British business and the public can make with clarity and assurance that we will finally get what we want.

It enables Brexiteers to remain brexiteers, and remainers to stay remainers. But it will enable every Briton to make the decision that will determine our future for generations to come.

And more importantly, to me anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to take control back. Back from Boris Johnson, who sides with absolutely anything that gets him the big job; from Rees-Mogg who’s probably richer than god and doesn’t give a crap about ordinary people; from Jeremy Corbyn, who’s zipped his lips about his own vehement phobia for Europe because he eyes the prize of Number 10; and Theresa May who is too busy balancing the interests of her party rather than the public.

And whether we decide to stay in Europe or out of it; I’m much happier that we have the final say rather than the bloated egos of our politicians.

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