Mr P’s set for “big seaside arcade adventure”

Mr P's Classic Amusements
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It’s not just tourists heading to the coast this summer, but operators too, with Mr P’s Classic Amusements set to launch a new seaside FEC in the near future. But where will it be?

The ‘Mr P’s Classic Amusements’ brand is going to expand into the seaside sector, with owners Dave and Amelia Douglas set to announce the new venue’s location in the coming weeks.

In an update on Facebook at the end of last month,the operator posted a clue to their players – who they have fondly nicknamed ‘nudgers’ – that something “very special” is on its way. The next update on 8 July revealed this was a new seaside arcade, leaving ‘nudgers’ guessing which resort it would call home – would it be Margate? Herne Bay? Or even Sheerness?

The Douglas’ have kept schtum on the location so far,but they did reveal which types of machines will be on offer.

“The new arcade will be a classic amusements that will be a great force,incorporating rides,pushers, cranes, classic fruits and an AGC under the Mr P’s Classic Amusements banner,” they explained. “It’s a brave bold step but ‘it feels right’, and we need to get our games out of storage and let them entertain people again, which is what we stand for.It is a gamble, but then life is, and we need to put the fun back into machines.”

Meanwhile at Mr P’s AGCs in Tonbridge and Chatham, the World Cup has brought the odd “quiet spell” during game time, however Douglas acknowledged that “for such a baking summer” the sites are“much busier than previous years”. And behind the scenes has been equally busy, with the operator “bringing so many fantastic classic machines back from the dead”.

“Tonbridge has All Fired Up and Giant Gems now launched, two great classic games,”continued the Douglas’. “Chatham has a wealth of classics just entered,the latest being Barcrest Frenzy on £15 Jackpot, a great classic from twenty years ago! Repair wise it’s always frantic and we are always bringing old games back to former glory. This week we had a mammoth 48 hour machine move! We had an hour’s sleep on the hard shoulder and 2 hours at home before the next leg in machine moving!”

From Carousel rides to classic fruit machines, Mr P’s continues to put the wind back in the sails of many old favourites, much to the delight of the brands 300-strong following on Facebook.

“People either get what we do, or those who know nothing about machines, or wish to, don’t get it,” concluded the Douglas’. “We are keeping the old memories alive by bringing the old games that entertained us all back into our arcades here and now in 2018. Who would have thought that we would be able to create so many great days out for all machine players in such a difficult, trouble and money orientated world.”

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