Fun Facts show popularity of Bulldog brand

RLMS Bulldog Mayfair Old Kent Road
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Launched amid a fanfare of excitement and a slogan advising the industry to ‘Be Amazed’ the Bulldog Games brand of UK manufactured pusher and redemption equipment, appears to have lived up to all of the anticipation and marketing buzz.


The brand, which made its industry bow at January’s EAG on the back of one of the most extensive and in-depth R&D programmes ever undertaken in the amusements space, has raised the bar for cash box performance setting new income records along the way.

To mark its success in breathing a new energy and vibrancy into the pusher sector, exclusive distributor, RLMS Sales, has produced a series of ‘Fun Facts’ to illustrate the point. Jonathan Lauder of RLMS Sales, explained: “Sometimes operators get swamped by a barrage of industry data so we wanted to give some context to the fantastic success that’s being enjoyed by the range.

“So, for example, with reference to the Monopoly 8 Player Pusher, we’ve calculated that the volume of coins emptied per machine each week, when stacked on top of each other is the height of 28 London buses. Similarly, with the 8 player Deal or No Deal, the total weight of the coins emptied each week comes in at 600kg, the equivalent of an adult Grizzly Bear, and with the Monopoly Roll Down, the total volume of coins if laid end to end would stretch from the luxury quarter of Mayfair to the more gritty Old Kent Road, a distance of 7km.”

He added: “There’s no doubt that Bulldog has made a real splash following its launch in January. The brand, which can now be found in locations based in 75 towns throughout the UK has demonstrated its ability to contribute to bottom line profits wherever there’s footfall from Bridlington to Brighton, Clacton to Cleethorpes and Dunfermline to Dawlish. We’ve got two of the most recognised licenses in popular culture supported by excellent products in Ben Bones and Hamster’s Ball, both of which have been developed in-house by the Bulldog Games team. Backed by really extensive technical and after sales support, everything is in place for it to continue its consistent and high level cash box success as Britain’s coastal resorts prepare for the summer season and welcome domestic tourists and international visitors alike.”

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