The heroes that arcades need

Heroes and Villains
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Featuring one of the hottest licences around, Bandai Namco’s Heroes and Villains pusher units are fast becoming a prominent feature of the UK FEC landscape.

The DC Comics closed-loop, coin in and ticket out pusher from Bandai Namco Amusement Europe is now available in a two-player as well as a four-player version.

The pusher features DC Comics heroes and villains and allows players to win collectable cards as well as redemption tickets.With an eye-catching cabinet,the game is benefitting from the many film and TV releases, featuring DC Comics characters, including the new Wonder Woman movie, which went straight to number one in the UK cinema box office.

“We are getting fantastic feedback on this game,” said John Crompton, UK sales manager. It is also doing particularly well in holiday parks, where there is a lot of repeat play as kids try to collect sets of cards.”

Finance packages are now available for the DC Comics pusher, including a zero percent package. The game complements the range of DC Comics plush, which has also been a best seller for BNAE.

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