Bandai Namco discuss ever-evolving redemption market

Bandai Namco DC Comics
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John Crompton, regional sales manager BNAE, and Darrell Simmonds EMEA sales manager prize division, take stock of the ever-growing UK redemption market.

The UK redemption market is one of constant evolution and Bandai Namco Amusements Europe has kept at the forefront of this with a portfolio full of product innovations and recognisable licences.

Crompton commented that this market growth shows little signs of slowing, highlighting the company’s success with its DC Comics Pusher four-player launched last year which is set to be released as a two-player unit to bring the product to even more locations. He added that other notable installations include the Space Invaders Frenzy from Raw Thrills, an update on the arcade classic and Spinner Frenzy from Adrenaline, which is continuing to prove popular even after the toy craze has subsided.

”The importance of the physical engagement of redemption games is the fact you cannot play these games at home, he said. “The majority of redemption games involve the players engaging with the game, either throwing a ball, spinning a wheel or positioning coins to win tickets and prizes. As a result,the player feels in control and totally satisfied as they win tickets, cards and prizes based on their own ability.”

Simmonds continued the discussion: “With prize and redemption machines you can see and win instantly the prize that you like.Kids love nothing more than winning large quantities of tickets and parading them around the arcade to show their winnings before redeeming them for their chosen prize.”

Ticketless solutions such as the Embed Redemption pro system, as supplied by Bandai Namco are finding traction in certain markets according to Crompton, but the UK consumer still responds best to the physicality and fun of ticket payout.

“Tickets are part of the theatre of redemption, from carrying around the bundles of tickets to feeding them in the ticket eater is all part of the fun,” added Simmonds.

The ultimate aim for players is to take a prize home from their trip and with an ever more discerning youth demographic, the need to stay on the cutting edge of swag is as crucial as ever.

To this end Simmonds believes the industry has found a hero.He explained: “Superheroes has been a big thing over the last couple of years and has much more to come, the DC range of plush and gift has been phenomenal as we have had some great ranges like Justice League, Super Girls mix, Villains Mix with more to come. Squishy products are also the thing to have at the moment so we have developed a PAC-MAN Squishy to fit in with this trend.

“It is very important to keep up with the trends, the idea is to try to get customers to come back so with collectable ranges and up to date products this will create repeat visits.”

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