Fire Hero and Alien Invasion designed to ‘optimise attraction and player involvement’

Fire Hero
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With hundreds of different new and used redemption machines in stock, JNC Sales is always the first point of call for ticket and prize machines.

The company’s latest redemption shooters, Fire Hero and Alien Invasion, a water-shooter and ball-shooter respectively, are brilliantly designed to optimise attraction and player involvement.

Fire Hero includes a stunning top flash that emits artificial smoke to complement a gripping soundtrack and realistic sirens, whilst players can upgrade their water shooters to rapid fire water blasters to shoot at the Fire Monsters by acquiring special tools throughout the game.

Alien Invasion is a brilliant themed two-player ball shooter where players win more tickets by hitting the aliens on the screen and venturing through the various levels, and its space-themed cabinet lighting helps make it one of the stand-out machines on the arcade floor.

Jungle Bowling has consistently topped revenue charts with its jungle-themed cabinet and shallow depth making it a family-friendly and ideal-sized bowling piece, and excellent value. Finally, the JNC Super Heroes redemption range has continuously impressed with their cash box figures – the rolldown is a proven winner with its action-packed playing field and comic-themed background inclusive of an exciting mini- game, whilst the two player ticket AWP is one of the best-looking cabinets available with its stunning artwork and LED-lit reels.

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