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The world of redemption machines is a broad one, and Suzohapp, under the CompetitionPro brand name, can supply everything necessary to maintain operations in the burgeoning market sector.

The market for redemption machines is diverse and to ensure its success Suzohapp offers a whole world of amusement components to be found under the brand name CompetitionPro.

Naturally ticket dispensers and tickets themselves can be found within the CompetitionPro range. The Suzohapp ticket dispensers virtually eliminate ticket jams and require minimal maintenance and given the fact that redemption machines can pay out such a high level of tickets, these are very important factors. Additionally the Suzohapp tickets come in a variety of colours and can also be personalised.

One of the key factors behind the the redemption market’s popularity is its diversity. Further examples of the CompetitionPro product range include air hockey puck twisters, air hockey hammers, touch screen mallets, footballs, pump-action shotguns, jumbo buttons and basketballs.

Suzohapp’s IDEAL cashless payment system offers the way forward for the virtual ticket market. IDEAL enables a common cashless payment system for customers at locations offering a multitude of attractions, as well as amusement machines,bowling alleys, food and beverage. Customers can pay using the IDEAL cards anywhere in the location.

These products often come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. More information can be found in the Suzohapp amusement catalogue.

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