One big ticket gathers pace

Concept Games One big ticket
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With the operational benefits clear, and site reports proving positive, the One Big Ticket system from Concept Games is having an impact on the redemption market at an ever increasing pace.

Concept Games’ One Big Ticket system is designed to replace the conventional redemption output solution by fitting a thermal printer, and display, in the door of a machine and printing a single ticket for the whole amount of the session win. The system fits to virtually any kind of machine whether they be ticket fruits or redemption novelties.

Concept’s David Garforth said: “As far as the actual technical logistics are concerned our One Big Ticket fits most machines and pays out the single ticket seamlessly, with a variation of everything already tested and being successfully covered. The issue was always only going to be player appeal as we replaced the huge armful of tickets but we didn’t have to worry as there has been no drop in player appeal and the locations have in often cases paid for the system in just one season.

“It was a no brainer as they say that if players liked the idea that the savings of paper and man power plus reduction in downtime was always going to be a winner and we now have nine locations who have all started tentatively and then added more in due course.”

The one big ticket is easy to fit and can be swapped from machine to machine should the machine be removed from the location.

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