“Crucial community engagements”: How redemption is keeping arcades at sector’s forefront

JNC Redemption
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Gary Newman, sales executive at JNC, explains how the high-quality community engagements presented by redemption units is keeping the sector at the forefront of the arcade industry.

Coinslot: What do you feel the hottest trends this year have been in the redemption machine market place?

Gary Newman: “The hottest machines for us have been the games that really encourage communal engagement and multi-player options. Jungle Bowling and Monster Smash were the stars of the EAG in January and have continued to do extremely well this year – and both offer players the chance to play on their own or against other people. Our range of mini ball-shooters, Dinosaur World, Robot War and Monster Mayhem, have also been widely acclaimed because of their unique design, small footprint and excellent value of money – and are available on either ticket payout or capsule vend.”

CS: How important is the physical engagement of redemption units?

GN: “Monster Smash is the perfect reflection of a redemption machine that offers physical engagement through its interactive screen,coloured buttons and reflex-based gameplay. With a focus on tapping the buttons in time with the moving on- screen characters, players are physically engaged with the machine whilst also focussed on getting the highest score either individually or against their friends. Bigger models such as Fire Hero and Alien Invasion have also proved popular, a result of their water-shooting and ball-shooting gameplay that offers players a gaming experience outside of their regular home routine.”

CS: How do you see the popularity of tickets themselves continuing? Are there other solutions that are growing in stature?

GN: “Looking at our stock list and customer demand, ticket redemption shows no sign of slowing down. The nature of redemption means that there are so many different game types for manufacturers to develop, as is evident in the range of used machines and today’s new releases. There are now more arcades than ever that want to reward visitors for playing the machines,as well as trying to inspire them to spend more time on site, which lends itself to the ticket market.We’ve also been really impressed with the reaction to the capsule payout option on the mini ball-shooters, which have proved just as popular as the ticket-payout models.We’ve had a lot of great feedback from customers about how well the mini ball-shooters have performed with bouncy balls, which seem to be the current trend for today’s kids.”

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