Bandai Namco’s DC Comics ticket pusher availiable with collectable cards

Bandai Namco DC Comics
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The hugely successful DC Comics closed loop ticket pusher is now available as a two-player installation, offering operators the same high quality engagements with a smaller footprint. BNAE are suitably impressed.

The hugely popular four-player DC Comics themed, closed loop ticket pusher, created as a joint venture between Bandai Namco Amusement Europe Ltd (BNAE) and Andamiro, is now available in a two-player version.

As in the four-player, the pusher features collectable cards on the playfield of popular DC Comics characters.The DC Comics pusher was inspired by the success of Andamiro’s two-player SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade closed loop pusher.

“DC Comics characters have featured in a series of movies recently, including Justice League, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad in 2017 and Aquaman and Shazam are due for release this year. So, kids of all ages want to collect the cards,”said regional sales manager John Crompton.

“The DC Comics pusher has been one of our most successful machines this year in four-player, so we anticipate that the two-player is going to be very popular with sites requiring a machine with a smaller footprint.”

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