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In ever growing numbers Irish operators are finding the benefits that a strong redemption machine estate can bring, comments Shane Murphy, MD of Tobyco.

Ireland is opening itself up to redemption gaming and the positive consumer engagement the form brings. At the forefront of this growing market is national supplier Tobyco, with its vast product portfolio and in-depth industry knowledge ensuring operators and customers alike are getting the best of the best.

Murphy commented that the last year has seen a great deal of operators start a transition from video-heavy machine estates to ones designed to cater to a growing consumer demand for redemption units.

“Video units still have their place in the market, and we still offer a large range of it, but the sector started to become a bit stale in some aspects. There has been a lack of exciting machines coming to the arcade floor and now operators are beginning to see how profitable these redemption units can be.

“The Lane Master from Instance Automatics is a great example of this, it has proven to be one of our real stand out units.It’s proved incredibly popular and it is brilliant on site,its design and its game- play have really resonated with customers.”

With redemption gaming becoming an increasingly diverse, innovative market area there is scope for premises to be best tailored to fit the nuances of its clientele, something reflected in the broad product portfolio of Tobyco.

“We are the biggest supplier of redemption units in all of Ireland and have seen first hand the increase in take up of the units, they have introduced a whole new clientele to the FEC and bowling landscape,” said Murphy.

“Not only can we supply a huge range of machines, but we have dedicated operations managers, real industry experts, that will work with our customers closely to make sure that they have the best possible machines for the venue.”

The benefits of such units are clear and Murphy added that a strong redemption holding has helped a number of premises establish themselves as real leisure destinations.

“Redemption works brilliantly such as alleys. We’ve heard from customers that families are now staying for longer, they’re coming back more often and they’re loving the machines,” he said.

Whereas before these places may have mainly been viewed as just a one hour game of bowling, it’s now a fully-formed entertainment destination, and redemption is a key part of this. They increase dwell time, increase visit frequency and are becoming the main attraction in some places!”

“We are finding that our customers are realising the redemption is definitely the future and they’ve been astounded by the performances already. We have machines from some of the best in the business from Harry Levy to Sega and many more,and all these units are proving incredibly popular on site,”he finished.

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