Project MD warns against under investment in Cat C

Tony Boulton Project regional
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Project managing director Tony Boulton has reiterated the company’s commitment to Category C, warning of the dangers of ignoring part of the product mix that accounts for circa 30 percent of an AGC’s profits.

Speaking shortly after Project had confirmed its latest pipeline of product for the popular 5 Star Games, Category C compendium, he stated: “Due to the lead position of B3 in terms of revenue generation, there’s a danger that both operators and manufacturers become fixated on the dominant category and that as a consequence all of the industry’s creative energies get channeled accordingly.

“However, I can’t think of any other business sector that would run the risk of jeopardising an area responsible for nearly a third of income through under investment and neither should we. The industry needs Cat C and as a company we are investing in the sector in order to avoid a scenario in which the play appeal of Cat C becomes diminished. The truth is Cat C is a different proposition for players and not an inferior one.”

Project has confirmed four new additions to 5 Star Games raising the total available on the compendium to 15, comprising 12 slots and three poker themed games. By having three poker options on the menu Project has created a cost-effective opportunity to build a poker following from within the existing player base as well as the opportunity to attract new customers.

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