RLMS: Helping players drive the redemption experience

Tony Glanville
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The redemption range from RLMS and Bulldog Games continues to increase in popularity up and down the country. Tony Glanville, MD of RLMS Sales, talks about maximising trends and how interactive play is the key for players of any age.

What do you feel the hottest trends this year have been in the redemption machine market place?

Tony Glanville: From our perspective I don’t think it’s so much a case of new trends as it is a development of existing trends. In the market research that was a central part of the Bulldog R&D video redemption came out very high on the wish list of both operators and players and we responded to that with the creation of our Ben Bones, Hamster’s Ball and Monopoly Skyscraper product,sales of which have been a key feature of the Bulldog success story.

Licensed product continues to be very popular and a central element of the offering. We have to be clear that a strong license can’t make an average game into a great game, but when you have really strong licences such as Monopoly and Deal Or No Deal aligned to a fantastic game then it’s a winning combination. It’s part of the appeal, part of the entertainment offering and it’s unique – players won’t find those licenses elsewhere in the pusher sector. Having strong brands that connect immediately with players are much more likely to be used as a centrepiece attraction in the location. All the feedback we are receiving and our own on-going monitoring of the market confirms the appeal of licensed product, particularly those that have become entrenched in popular culture.

How important is the physical engagement of redemption units, in a culture when touch screens and home entertainment systems are becoming ever the more prominent?

TG: I think that it’s massively important and all of the evidence both empirical and anecdotal confirms this view. Players of any age aren’t happy with being passengers, instead they want to drive the experience whether it’s the interactive roller barrel on Ben Bones, the chute on the Monopoly 2p roll down or the skill element which enables players to earn more tickets on the Monopoly Skyscraper – they all feature opportunities for players to get involved in the experience.

How do you see the popularity of tickets themselves continuing? Are there other solutions that are growing in stature?

TG: On the one hand tickets and the experience of winning hundreds of tickets is part of the theatre of playing and the end game of the pay to play experience.On the other hand there are a number of operational considerations and some of our customers are moving away from tickets on to solutions such as those offered by the Embed Card.We would always defer to our customers on this and work with them on achieving the best resolution and one that enhances the player experience.

Have there been any particular prize types, or licences that you have seen perform well this year? How important is it to keep on top of the latest trends in this regard?

TG: Dressing a pusher to suit the motivations and interests of the customer base is a great operating skill and one which has a direct impact on cash in box in some cases by as much as 30 percent. Not only do operators have a deep understanding of the psychology of playing but they also require an up to the minute knowledge of trends,tastes and fashions. It’s a precise set of skills that illustrate how well our customers know the ultimate customer- the player.

Are there any other specific products, innovations or trends you would like to highlight?

TG: Reliability and technical support are the two of the most frequently asked questions put to the team after cash box and terms. If a pusher position goes down operators are faced with a huge potential loss of income which is why Bulldog pushers come with a complete spares support kit, a dedicated service support team providing technical back-up and a spares order line which operates 364 days a year on a 24 hour part turnaround. The support we provide gives operators the confidence they quite rightly expect from a supplier that shares the objective of maximising cash in box through the delivery of a compelling fun player experience.

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