Great Yarmouth becomes 75th location for Bulldog

Bulldog Great Yarmouth
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The seaside resort of Great Yarmouth, known for its two piers and the legendary Hippodrome Circus, has a new claim to fame, recently becoming the 75th UK location to feature products from the Bulldog Games brand.


The landmark installation emphasises Bulldog’s widespread geographical appeal, with the brand earning cash box income for operators based in locations stretching from Bridlington to Brighton, Clacton to Cleethorpes and Dunfermline to Dawlish.

Tony Glanville, Managing Director of exclusive distributors, RLMS Sales, believes the Bulldog range, which comprises the 4, 6 and 8 player Deal or No Deal models, Monopoly 2p Roll Down, Monopoly Skyscraper, Hamster’s Ball and Ben Bones, has brought a new energy to the sector, capturing the imagination of operators and families alike. He explained: “I’ve said previously that the process resulting in the creation of the Bulldog range was the most exhaustive and detailed that I’ve been party to in my career.

“The team, led by Peter Collinge, consulted with and most importantly listened to the knowledge and experience of many of the industry’s most respected operators with the range also undergoing what has to be the biggest road test by players courtesy of the Playnation operation. Taking all of that priceless feedback and combining it with a UK manufacturing commitment supported by UK based technical support as well as the appeal of two instantly recognisable brands and you have a winning formula. I would be surprised to learn of any other product line that’s been exposed to such rigorous R&D.”

He added: “This latest installation puts the mass appeal of the range into sharp focus. The customer base is players of all ages in search of a shared fun, leisure experience and our sales show that’s a constant wherever you are in the UK, hence the success of the range which has revitalised the sector.”

In order to make the range accessible to amusements businesses of all sizes, RLMS has introduced a number of sales options including a two year rental agreement with an option to purchase, an HP arrangement available over a two year term, a revenue share option as well as a straightforward purchase. The revenue share enables operators to benefit from the cash box income through to the completion of the October half term holidays when there is the option to buy. This provides operators with the freedom to add the energy and appeal of the industry’s newest pusher brand without committing capital expenditure.

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