Sega sales GM discusses firm’s investment in seaside resorts

Coinslot Sega Justin Burke Daytona
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Coinslot spoke to Justin Burke, Sega’s general manager – sales, about the increasing investment apparent amongst UK coastal operators and the positive impact this is having on the wider industry.

Coinslot: Both for yourself, and the wider scope of the industry, how important are coastal operations?

Justin Burke: “The UK coastal business is paramount to any manufacturer or supplier; given its rich tapestry of history along with its natural popularity with the family it is absolutely crucial to any products success that it works in that environment.”

CS: Have you seen any particular products, or product types finding success ahead of this summer, if so, why?

JB:Wheel of Fortune from ICE is knocking other games off that top spot. It was launched at EAG and made a great impression.With its brand and its presence it is a game that just has that ‘wow’ factor.”

CS: When developing products, do you tailor them to make the most of the seaside market, and the community aspect of these arcades?

JB: “The seaside market is family, and family is what most manufacturers focus on these days. The FEC market is booming globally and the British seaside is a perfect example of that to have on our doorstep.”

CS: Is the British seaside in the midst of a comeback and what do you feel has driven this?

JB: “I would argue it never went away rather than to say it’s a comeback. Sure it is seeing a great time of investment and forward thinking;there are certain national economic factors that are assist- ing the seaside based around exchange rates, the desire to holiday in this country etc.”

CS: The umbrella term of coastal operators covers a wide variety of premises, both geographically and in terms of offering, how important is it to have a flexible portfolio to accommodate this?

JB: “We have a portfolio of product for the entire globe, as that is our sales reach, so to be flexible for the UK coastal business is just another local example of that ability.”

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