GeWeTe heads to Park Avenue Open Day to offer cash handling solutions

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Cash handling specialists, GeWeTe returns to Park Avenue Open Day with a range of its top-of-the-line solutions.

GeWeTe has for many years offered a wide range of PC based cash handling solutions which can provide a total site solution for dedicated ticketing applications, membership systems and many other customer driven applications worldwide.

Throughout the UK and Europe customers are ever the more seriously look- ing at TITO solutions, especially the UK which now has the industry standard “GBG protocol“ for all of the manufacturers to use and implement within a wide range of machines, including GeWeTe products.

For increased security on sites, especially in 24/7 AGC’s, the company has seen an increase in the use of the Account Facility whereby staff, via a dedicated PIN protected card can withdraw money from the GeWeTe unit for Hand Pays/Refills or Floats avoiding the need to go into a back office or open safes.

With the increase of cashless transactions the company can now offer a solution for players to purchase tickets via the GeWeTe machine using contactless and chip and pin options, this can be for new machines as well as a retrofit option.

“We continue to work with our customers to identify what their needs are and adapt our models / systems to meet these needs,” said the company. “With having our own dedicated in-house R&D Team we have the flexibility to react to special request and priorities our work schedules, quickly and effectively.

“From a player perspective having a single multifunctional machine that is easy to use, reliable and a quick process for each transaction is a vital parts of the system offer on site. More importantly from the players viewpoint it is a discrete process for obtaining cash or cashing in the winning money/ticket, or adding/withdrawing cash from their Player Account.”

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