JNC Sales bring latest offerings to Park Avenue

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JNC Sales will have some of the hottest picks from its considerable product portfolio on show at the Park Avenue Open Day.

Small in size and price yet massive in terms of popularity and ease of use, JNC’s mini ball shooters have been one of the best-selling machines this year since their debut at the EAG show in January.

At less than £1,000 and available as either ticket or capsule payout, the themed cabinets (Dinosaur World, Robot War and Monster Mayhem) are supplemented by colourful LED lights and an immersive ball shooting panel that is the perfect height for children who want to dive straight into a fast-paced game. With a footprint of just 530mm by 770mm, operators love their ability to fit between machines and offer a dedicated ticket or capsule game ideally suited to boys and girls.

Crazy Toy remains one of the most popular cranes available, with its captivating LED-lit cabinet and simple operation making it a permanent fixture in arcades up and down the country.

High-takings and its easy maintenance has established this visually-stunning crane as the top-pick for operators, made even more attractive by its excellent value at just £2,495. Crazy Toy is available in both blue and pink cabinets and now features a communal lighting feature that is the perfect attraction piece for sites with multiple cranes lined up together.

Both games will be on show at Park Avenue and are ready for immediate delivery.

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