UDC key to the full Park Avenue experience

UDC Park Open Day
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The United Distributing Company will be opening the doors of UDC House on 6 June to welcome the coin-op amusement industry along for the day with the entire team on hand, including company founders, father and son Derek and Mark Horwood.

Park Avenue is a special event and UDC managing director Mark Horwood thinks its success is simple. “We keep bringing Open Day back every year because people tell us how much they enjoy it,” he explained. “It’s one of the most relaxed industry days on the industry calendar here in the UK.

Everyone seems to know everyone else, our’s is a very close-knit industry.
The day raises money for good causes, with proceeds going to the BACTA Charitable Trust.”

UDC sales director, Michael Green, a veteran of these occasions, agrees: “The timing for Open Day is great for highlighting those games we’ve had great success with each year, just before the main summer season starts. Whilst the Park Avenue Open Day is seen mostly a social and networking event rather than a sales event. we do usually make sales on the day and welcome along operators who are looking for that ‘just more one thing’ they want for the summer.”

“We will be exhibiting plenty of games for visitors to ‘get hands on’ with, a wide selection of games, with everything from cranes, kiddie rides, fruit machines, redemption games and much more. As distributors for Eurotek, Digital Centre, Benchmark Games, American Changer, Team Play and Ace Amusements we’ve got a terrific line up of products this year.”

“Amongst our customers favourites this year have been the shooting games, such as the water-gun Zombie Outbreak two player ticket redemption game, the Age of Dinosaur ball shooting redemption game and the Mars Sortie four player shooting gallery with redemption tickets.”

The company is working hard behind the scenes to be able to preview some new machines especially for the event, including those that made a special debut at ECAS in May as well as some that didn’t make it in time.

UDC’s Matt Bland commented: “There’s been a trend for more redemption games with a video game element over the past year or so, redemption continues to be growth sector. Whilst there’s been a definite tailing off of video games as they fight to compete with handheld games and home consoles. The logical progression is for virtually every arcade video game experience will at least have an option for ticket pay out in the years ahead to justify its place in an FEC. But I don’t think that we’re there yet.”

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