MD of E-Service explains the service behind summer success

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With summer being the busiest time for operators, minimising machine downtime is of paramount importance. This swell of business is felt all throughout the supply chain, commented Mike Clokie, managing director of E-Service.

With increased summer business comes increased risk of machine wear and tear. Offering the parts and services to alleviate this and keep machines working at the top of their game, E-Service works diligently with site owners to maximise performances in this crucial time.

Managing director Mike Clokie commented: “Coastal operations require such a diverse selection of equipment to maintain footfall and maximise revenue.”

Mike ClokieSuch a varied requirement results in the coastal operator utilising suppliers from all sectors of the industry. For E-Service this means holding a huge array of parts and peripherals and ensuring that engineers are trained technically on many different products in order to provide the best levels of service and support.

“We are always conscious of turnaround time and we strive to keep this to a minimum for any electronic peripherals sent to us for service or repair… Regular contact with clients ensures we fulfill all demands placed upon us,” he said.

As well as having the technological know how, and component portfolio to keep machines running smoothly, the company also holds stock of a number of solutions designed to streamline existing units, according to Clokie.

“Cashless solutions such as the Nayax POS unit is a hot topic as is data capture equipment and systems. Fully integrated data capture systems provide the operator with a full audit trail, from AWP to Redemption equipment information becomes available at the touch of a button on a PC or mobile device.

“The Nayax cashless solution has been very well received, this simple cashless solution is now being supplied and installed as a retrofit kit on Thomas change machines. Expanding payment options is a must for operators with less cash in pockets we have no option but to embrace the ever growing tap and go generation.”

Commenting on the enduring the appeal of the British seaside Clokie commented that the draw to the coast is perhaps a classic part of the nation’s consciousness. He added that a key strength of the E-Service model is the ability to cater to the breadth of operator, from amusements to amenities.

“A wide and varied range of products and services is essential to support coastal operators as is regular contact with clients to ensure we are informed of changing trends and types of equipment operated. This time of year sees an expansion of our in house delivery service with our van drivers covering greater distances visiting more coastal resorts in support of our client base,” he concluded.

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