Playdium brings BGM to the fore

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The effective programming of background music has been described as one of the music sector’s unsung skills by Carl Adams, technical service representative at TouchTunes.

Adams is well qualified to comment on how music is being used as part of the customer experience, ensuring he visits all new TouchTunes customers and is instrumental in their first installation of a Playdium jukebox.

“We’ve had great response to our Background Music feature on the Playdium as well as the selection of songs within the genres,” he stated.

“The Playdium background music is chosen by our music program- mer, Bruce Earwaker, who meticulously puts an emphasis on playing songs which people like whilst not just filling up on big hits, so as a consequence, there’s a wide selection but with a personal touch.

“When background music is well delivered it can be crucial to a pub or bar as it helps the atmosphere of the site and encourages people to play more music and buy more drinks.

Whether it’s because they like the music the pub is playing or it encourages them to put on another song or an album they love or used to listen to, it helps people remember the pub and their night out.”

He added: “I think that BGM gets a bad press due to poorly programmed music. The selection of songs to be played as background music needs to be well considered in terms of style, variety and familiarity. Technology is a game changer but we should not lose sight of the human judgement and knowledge that’s required to be a really good programmer. Our background music playlists have been created especially to suit the broad range of pubs, clubs and other entertainment venues up and down the country where the Playdium
is sited. Each site is unique and it’s clear that the licensees know their pubs, know their customers and understand what mood they want to create.”

Remote control access is one of a number of features designed for operators, alongside the ability to change the length of time the Background Music plays for, scheduling genres and when the playlists
will play.

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