Circus Fantasia opens to a full crowd on Clacton Pier

Clacton Pier
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Top circus performers from around the world thrilled visitors on Clacton Pier over the weekend, who packed into the attraction’s Jolly Roger venue to enjoy the show.

Matthew Wingate, owner of Circus Fantasia, said he was delighted that the show has been so well received again this season.

“We have got off to a flying start and everyone is having a great time back in Clacton,” he said.“The intimacy and historical setting of the Jolly Roger provides the ideal venue.”

There is seating available for about 300 people for each 90 minute performance in the Jolly Roger, which was last home to a circus in the 1980s for only one season, however up until last year the venue had been used for storage purposes before being brought back to life.

Two of the major highlights at the twice-daily showing are the Garcias from Spain with their magic, mystery and illusion, as well as the Mexican Marco Polo on the high wire. It is said the 61- year-old, who uses no safety devices, has been performing in the roof above the audience since the age of 11 and has no safety devices.

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