Best in breed support makes Bulldog the ideal partner

RLMS introduce revenue share option for Bulldog portfolio
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The Bulldog Games brand has been described as the perfect partner for seaside operators working hard to maximise earnings during the busy holiday period.


Tony Glanville, Managing director of exclusive distributor, RLMS Sales, believes the Bulldog range combines a strong cash box with great reliability and an after sales service that’s raised the bar by setting even higher industry standards.

He explained: “Operators at the coast work hard and they work smart. There’s a dedication to the business, a pride in the resort in which the businesses are based and a real professionalism in the ways in which they market themselves as part of an amusements/tourism proposition. While our focus is on the production of strong consistent cash box, we are also highly conscious of the importance of maintaining machine uptime. If a pusher position goes down operators are faced with a huge potential loss of income which is why Bulldog pushers come with a complete spares support kit, a dedicated service support team providing technical back-up and a spares order line which operates 364 days a year on a 24 hour part turnaround.”

He added: “For some suppliers the connection with their customers ends when they’ve made the sale, whereas for RLMS the sale is only part of what is a long standing relationship. The support we provide gives operators the confidence they quite rightly expect from a supplier that shares the objective of maximising cash in box through the delivery of a compelling fun player experience.”

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