Stonegate Pub Company forecast £6m World Cup boost

England fans
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One of Britain’s biggest pub companies feels its set to score a big, even if England make an early exit from the upcoming World Cup.

Simon Longbottom, chief executive of the Stonegate Pub Company, said the prevalence of foreign players in the Premiership will keep fans interested in the tournament, even if England bow out early in the tournament.

“England going out early is not the big issue it once was,” said Longbottom.
“People like to follow the players they know who are playing for other countries.”

Stonegate, which owns Walkabout and Sports Bar & Grill chains forecasts a £6m sales boost during the World Cup.

The firm has invested heavily in it sports offerings to attract fans installing stadium style seating serving “beer towers” and sharing platters.

“In the old days you just showed the game and that was enough,” said Longbottom, “But people want to be served quickly. They don’t want to wait at the bar or queue for service during the action.”

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