Lottery ticket vending machines warning

gambling commission
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Gaming machine suppliers are being warned that it is an offence to promote a lottery for commercial or private gain and lottery ticket vending machines (LTVMs) should not be marketed by stating that the premises owner will earn a profit from ticket sales.

The supplier and site owner can only be paid a fee by the promoter out of the expenses of the lottery. All of the profits of the lottery must be returned to the promoting society to use for their purposes.

The warning comes after the Gambling Commission became aware of a number of machines operating in pubs in the South East of England which had been provided directly by machine suppliers to pubs on a commercial basis.

A Commission spokesman said: “Under the Gambling Act, lotteries are the preserve of charities and other good causes – they cannot be promoted for private or commercial gain.

“To offer these machines on a commercial basis and promote lotteries in this way is both unlawful and potentially harmful to charities and other good causes who promote lotteries to fund their work.”

An arrangement to site an LTVM must be between the licensed or registered promoter of the lottery and the site owner or manager. The authorised promoter must always retain control of the management and the arrangements for the lottery.

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