East Coast Roadshow a roaring success

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Mark Horwood, UDC managing director said: “The East Coast region has historically not been inundated with coin-op game industry events, so we saw a window of opportunity a few years back. Since then the Skegness event has steadily grown in attendance and is now well established. Last year marked the first year ECAS ventured north to Washington to bring the event to the North East and 2018 is the second year at the same venue.”

He was please with the response: “The feedback from visitors has been very positive, both to the continued presence of the show and the overall reception to the games we exhibited. ECAS is invaluable for us. It’s a long week for the entire UDC Team, but we love doing it. It’s great to be able to get out and visit the East Coast locations whilst we’re in the area.”

As for the timing of ECAS Horwood said: “The show is perfectly timed in mid-May to allow for us to see customers and show them games that are new for 2018 that have been in the marketplace since before Easter.”

Speaking on product specifics he highlighted both the Zombie Outbreak water game and the Mars Sortie four- player redemption unit from the company’s portfolio as being particularly well received.

“Being able to show them to operators in person on the east coast, who may not have seen them at EAG earlier in the year, has proven invaluable. As a result, we’ve secure orders for more machines, along with many of the other games exhibited at ECAS.”

Horwood added that the smaller, size of the show is an advantage, with those in attendance being able to do so with just a few hours out of their day as opposed to larger trade shows whilst allowing exhibitors more space.

“You’re not rushing around to see everything in a massive hall and don’t feel like you’ve missed anything before leaving. ECAS has a more relaxed environment compared to the big shows. Having multiple companies taking part is also good for visitors,” he said.

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