Gala Leisure to relaunch all clubs as Buzz Bingo with two-year £40 million investment plan

Gala Bingo
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Bingo is back, according to Gala Leisure, as the operator prepares to re-launch all its clubs with a new name; Buzz Bingo – and the aim of bringing a bigger sense of community to Britain’s favourite game.

Gala Leisure, which currently trades its bingo hall’s under the licensed name Gala Bingo, is set to re-launch as Buzz Bingo. The new look comes with a surge of fresh investment, rolling out in two clubs across the country initially, and then to all clubs in the following months.

The team at Buzz Bingo, lead by Chris Matthews, CEO, and backed by Caledonia Investments, hope the re-launch will re-energise local communities and reignite the allure of bingo and the ‘buzz’ of playing, as well as attract new audiences into bingo halls across the UK.

“Our unique relationship with customers will always be considered at the core of our offer. There is a sense of nostalgia for a game of bingo and a sense of fun and community spirit that goes hand in hand. When I joined this company, I was struck by the special relationships that our customers and teams have. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my career. It’s that feeling we want to bring to a wider audience through the launch of Buzz Bingo,” said Matthews.

“Our customers really enjoy their time with us and there is nowhere else you can go, to enjoy the combination of meeting up with friends, old and new, having a laugh with some good food and drink, all with the excitement and sense of anticipation that the game of bingo brings too – all for under £20! Keeping this spirit of community, our customers love, is very important to us as we expand in the future, into the online space and attract a new generation of players.”

The leadership team are also keen to show that new audiences are already attending their bingo halls in great numbers. Recent figures show that young people are spending less time on social media sites such as Facebook, and more time looking for shared experiences.

Despite this behavioural shift, figures indicate a surge in the number of bingo related hashtags used on social media site Instagram, which demonstrates that bingo has a genuine appeal to the younger generation who are keen to promote their experience. The company now want to build on that and position Buzz Bingo as a place where everybody can come together for enjoyment.

The company decided on the new name after speaking to customers and colleagues, where it quickly became obvious that Buzz was the perfect choice. ‘Buzz’ was the one word that customers regularly used to describe their bingo experience, but it was also a word that resonated with the club teams, summing up their personality and the company’s DNA.

Outside of the focus on the re-brand of the clubs, Buzz Bingo has ambitious plans to take the fun game of bingo to a wider audience, where customers can play together, anywhere.



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