Intercard takes Mumbles Pier marketing to the next level

Mumbles Pier
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Almost a year after implementing Intercard on Mumbles Pier, operator Bertie Bollom explains how the cashless system has empowered promotions in the attraction’s arcade – all while still accepting coins.

Mumbles Pier has upped its marketing power through the use of Intercard, a cashless stored value card system that has enabled operator Bertie Bollom to offer bespoke promotions to the pier’s many customers.

Distributed and installed by Electrocoin, Intercard has been running for almost a year on the South Wales attraction, and while it took a few adaptations to optimise the system to the venue,the result has meant that Bollom has much more control over the pier’s arcade offering.

“We have opted for a cash and card system so that has come with a whole host of problems and possibilities, but Intercard have been with us at every turn helping us overcome all of the challenges raised,” he explained.“ It has given us another string to our bow enabling us to offer functions like a ‘timed card’ where they can play for a length of time, we introduced a half priced day making one of our poorer days one of our best and we have a fantastic data capture stream enabling specified marketing for birthdays and events.But one of the greatest things we now have is the ability to give credits,meaning that we can encourage customers into coming back by giving them venue specific cash.”

For an example of this in action,one only has to visit Mumbles Pier on what might be expected to be a rather melancholic Monday. Instead, it’s ‘Monday Madness’,the pier’s half-priced day that attracts loyal locals who know they are in for a good deal.

“The Monday Madness has transformed the day and having another tier to be able to offer for functions,” continued Bollom.

“Being able to give credits for prizes and giveaways means that we can be more generous in our prizes that will guarantee them visiting us. Also with local festivals or events nearby we can offer promotional cards with a small amount on that expires that day,enticing them to journey to us and hopefully stay.”

After almost 12 months in action both staff and customer have fully embraced the system, and Bollom believes that Intercard is finally running on all cylinders.

“This first year has been about educating people into the system,” he concluded.“That’s customers – but also staff – who have had to become sales people guiding our visitors through the transition. I believe we are only now starting to see the benefits of the system.”

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