Locals losing patience after more London Resorts delays

London Resorts
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The proposed London Resorts theme park near Dartford has once more found itself delayed, this time due to oversights in initial planning stages according to the company behind the project.

Since it was first announcement in 2012, LCRH has repeatedly delayed submitting plans for the theme park project and now, some six years later, the firm has announced it will be doing so once more.

The submission date for a Development Consent Order will now rest some- where in 2019 according to LRCH, with this latest setback being blamed on three other development proposals in the area.

Humphrey Percy, CEO of LRCH, said: “We have reached a pivotal gateway stage in our application preparation. We believe it’s important to be clear about the challenge in the preparation and delivery of a project of this scale and complexity. It is fair to say that we did not sufficiently estimate the scope for ‘unknown’ issues to impact our programme.”

The London Resort project has cost £55m so far with little to no visible progress being made to date, however Percy claims that this is not unusual for an undertaking of its size.

Regardless of defensive dispatches, some in the local area are understandably not best pleased with the the progress made.

Dartford MP Gareth Johnson said: “Dartford is losing patience with LRCH and its proposed theme park. This latest delay is just one in a series of postponements that has created uncertainty for the existing businesses on the Swanscombe Peninsula and makes LRCH look incapable of ever delivering this project.

“The concept of a theme park was initially welcomed by local people but this uncertainty is becoming intolerable.”

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