Castle Jackpot: £100,000 won by Castle members in seven days

Castle Bingo
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Four lucky Castle Bingo players have been celebrating taking home a total of over £100k of Castle Jackpot prize money in the last 7 days alone. The game is an exclusive game played by all of the Castle Clubs.

If the winner calls the Castle 45 number on one line they win an extra £10,000, on two lines they win an extra £20,000 and on the full house they win an extra £45,000.

One winner called a two line win on the number 45 at Castle Bingo Neath to win an extra £20,000 on top of the in-house prize money. The biggest win this regular member has won before this was £3000, so this truly trumps that.

“Adults of all ages can enjoy Bingo which ever time of the day that suits as they offer breakfast, afternoon and evening sessions,” said a spokesman for the company.

Barnes Hill and Uskway clubs also had two lucky winners share the £45k Castle Jackpot.

“The fabulous winner from Barnes Hill has been a regular member for 14 years attending between 2-4 times a week,” said the bingo company, adding: “The Uskway member has only attended a handful of times in the last two years and was overwhelmed to learn she had won a share of the Castle Jackpot along with her full house claim. This money will be shared with family members and put towards a deposit for a house.”

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