Manufacturers triumph in 28th annual Games Cup golf tournament

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The industry’s Ryder Cup went the way of the manufacturers this year with the operators losing out by the one single point. But the Games Cup, which dates back to the early 1990s, is more than just a charity golf tournament; it’s an industry forum. One of the people behind it, Mike Clokie talks to Coinslot.

The Games Cup,the industry’s annual Manufacturer versus Operator golf tournament, celebrated its 28th year in fitting style with a record number of players and a record amount of money raised for the Jamie Proctor Foundation, a charity that helps young people from less privileged back- grounds achieve their full potential.

The tournament, which is organised by Louise Clokie, wife of E-Service managing director Mike, saw the manufacturers pip the operators by 14 points to 13, raising more than £4,000 in the process.

Explaining the background to what is arguably the industry’s most popular golf event, Mike Clokie said: “The competition was established in 1990 and was the idea of some of the gaming and amusement industry’s most iconic personalities, Alan Parker, Julian Bond, Mike Smith,Ken Smith, Paul Stead and Jeff Hull to name but a few. The competition is held over two days and is played in the format of the Ryder Cup, all matches being the manly game of head to head match play!This year’s captains were Tony Morrison of Innovative Technology and Matt Bicknell of Regal Gaming who both led teams of 18 ‘golfers’.It was one of the tournament’s closest run battles with the operators almost pulling off‘ The Miracle at Medinah’ style come back after being behind following the first day’s play.”

He added: “When the late Julian Bond lost his stepson Jamie at a tragically young age we decided to put our collective efforts into raising money for the Jamie Proctor Foundation which was established in his memory. It’s a small charity that not only means something to people in the industry but that also does fantastic work assisting young people from poorer backgrounds travel overseas and help communities in the developing world.I’m so proud to confirm that as a result of the Games Cup we have been able to raise £15,000 over the last five years and I’m confident that we can take that total to £20,000 by this time next year;a great achievement from an industry that we all know has such a generous soul.”

One of the most successful revenue generators is the on the spot fines system levied by Sega’s international sales manager, Steve D’Arcy. Serial offenders this year were Craig Morgan for crimes against the countryside having hit three separate trees on three separate shots on the same hole, Steve ‘Friesian’ Hawkins whose bovine inspired, black and white patterned golf shirt, was deemed a crime against good taste and Richard Wilson for aiding and abetting the non-attendance of Simon Barff.

Gary Newman and Jamie Crole have been confirmed as captains for the 2019 Games Cup with the duo putting their teams together throughout the course of the year.Members of the industry who would like to be involved in the Games Cup should contact [email protected]

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