Castle Make a Wish Come true for bingo fan

Castle Bingo
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Swn-Y-Mor Care Home have recently started a ‘Make a Wish’ scheme where residents can place a star on the tree with their Wish. A variety of things have been wished for, from having smoked salmon and prawns for dinner, tracking down a cousin they haven’t seen for years or a day trip to Folly Farm.

Betty Isaacs knew straight away what she would like to wish for, an afternoon at Castle Bingo!

Castle Bingo Neath were honoured to grant Betty’s Wish as she was a loyal member who joined when the Neath Club first opened in 2003. She would visit many times a week and missed not being able to attend. The staff at Castle Bingo Neath arranged to host a VIP Bingo Session for Betty and her friends on the 19th of April 2018 and Betty was very excited about returning as she loves her bingo.

Upon arrival they were greeted and welcomed into the VIP Tower Suite with a glass of pink bubbly.

Before the Main Session began Castle served a delicious buffet for Betty and friends to enjoy in the Tower Suite.

An area was reserved for them to play bingo, Betty preferring to play on books with her Castle dabber whilst her friends played on the electronic bingo units (ecubs). Members and staff recognised Betty and were delighted to see her back playing and enjoying herself.

General Manager, Steve Hamley-Lock, said “It was an honour to grant this wish for Betty; Castle Bingo is home from home for many of our members, a place where they meet friends, feel comfortable and safe. We provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for all. We can’t guarantee a win but we can guarantee a great time.”

They shouted HOUSE! during the session and in true bingo playing tradition shared their winnings between them, as agreed prior to their arrival. After the Main Session they had a slice of a Castle homemade cake with a nice cup of tea. It was a great afternoon enjoyed by all.

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