Sega Amusements International dedicates booth to Ticket Time at DEAL

Sega Ticket Time
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Developed by Smart Industries and distributed by Sega, Ticket time was given a whole booth at this year’s DEAL.

Ticket Time gameplay is straightforward; players move the 4-way joystick to control the crane and collect as many bundles of tickets as possible. Then using RFID technology embedded in the ticket bundles, the game calculates the number of tickets to award to the player.
“Ticket Time has tested extremely well in various FEC’s and arcades worldwide,” said Maria Carmen Villarroya, international sales manager at Sega, “By incorporating clever technology and mechanics, this game is accurate and reliable. The re-usable RFID embedded ticket bundles significantly reduce paper ticket costs for operators. Hence it’s no surprise Ticket Time is proving to be a dominant game in its category.”
Designed to be versatile Ticket Time can be operated on either ‘Coin-in and paper ticket out’ or ‘Swipe card and paper ticket out’ or ‘Swipe card and e-ticket out’. The game is available in 31” single player format and 61” two payer cabinet. The 31” single player cabinet measures 87cm (34”) Deep, 80cm (32”) Wide and 192cm (75”) tall. Two player 61” cabinet measures 87cm (34”) Deep, 160cm (63”) Wide and 192cm (75”) tall.

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