National Bingo Game says reduction in numbers could see 5000 weekly winners

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UK bingo players are are excitedly waiting for a new version of the National Game, which comes into effect on 30 April and is expected to generate over 5,000 weekly winners.

The National Game will see numbers being reduced from 90 to 50 numbers and offers players a club/venue prize on every game in every venue, as well as fixed odds Jackpot prizes of £100, £1,000 and £50,000.
There are over 275 venues signed up for the new version, including Gala and Mecca bingo. Not only will games take less time to complete, but each participating venue may play the game at any time during the session.
“We are excited to be launching a new version of one of club bingo’s most well known and loved games,” said Miles Baron, chief executive of the National Bingo Game Association.
“This will only be the third time in over thirty years that the game has had a substantial change. With this latest version of the game we wanted to bring it up to date, with a game that takes less time to play, finds its winners immediately and creates more of them.”
Changing to a 50-number fixed odds format has lead to significant changes in the game’s software. The game’s technology has become more web based which has led to improved future flexibility, while reducing technological barriers for operators.
“It is great that we have continued to have the support of so many industry operators, including Gala, Mecca, Castle, Carlton, Beacon and many more independent operators, all of whom remain key to the game,” he added.

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