Trade bodies condemn latest alcohol research

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Research released by Cambridge University stating that one alcoholic drink a day can shorten your life has been condemned by industry bodies.

The study, published in The Lancet, claims that drinking more than five glasses of wine or pints of beer a week causes greater risk of strokes, fatal aneurysms and heart failure.
However many industry figures condemned the study pointing out that it overlooks the “mental and social benefits” of moderate alcohol consumption.
“This study completely overlooks the well-documented health benefits light to moderate enjoyment of alcohol brings,” said James Calder, head of communications for the Society of Independent Brewers.
“We have 40 years of research that shows light to moderate drinking equals improved cognitive function and memory in ageing as well as reduced chance of vascular dementia,” Calder added.
The UK already has some of the lowest guidelines in Europe with the majority of adults already consuming at, or below, the suggested level.
British Beer & Pub association policy director Andy Tighe also highlighted the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, and the benefit it can bring to pubs.
Tighe said UK brewers have a “longstanding record of promoting responsible drinking” and that responsible drinking can be enjoyed and is also great way to support the local pub.
“Footfall is everything,” one leading machine operator told Coinslot, adding: “Anything that could negatively impact the number of people visiting pubs will affect profits.”


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