Meeting the kiddie market’s demand: Coinslot talks with David Robinson of World of Rides

David Robinson World of Rides
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Coinslot spoke to David Robinson from World Of Rides about the rapid pace at which the kiddie market is changing and how the company is keeping on the forefront of this.

Coinslot: How do you analyse the market at present?

David Robinson: “The kiddie ride market is performing very well at the moment, and adults continue giving all their hard-earned money to their children, in order to give them more than they ever had at the same age.”

CS: Have there been any products from your portfolio standing out so far this year?

DR: “Our larger sized and licensed character static rides have been selling very well this year, along with our larger sized battery rides. The UK market is changing very rapidly since the recession eased, and children now demand full interactivity with everything that they play with, and our driving school cars and bumper cars have been in particularly high demand because of this. As a result we are now designing and producing new battery rides for children that have the same specifications as their parents road cars.”

CS: What is it about kiddie rides that you believe has made them so enduringly popular?

DR: “Kiddie Rides will always remain hugely popular with younger children, as new generations continue coming into the marketplace at an ever increasing pace. Every young child’s ambition is to control a car in the same way as their parents drive theirs, without having to pedal or push them, and battery cars in particular completely fulfil this ambition.”

CS: What innovations or technologies are you seeing in the market that are keeping kiddie rides modern and attractive to the customer?

DR: “In the same way that motor manufacturers continually strive to make new and improved models each year that will appeal to all our senses, then we have to do the very same thing with our rides. If the child isn’t instantly attracted to our rides, then we have instantly lost their custom, so we have to design rides that make the child want to get inside them. Once inside, we then have to supply all the technical facilities that will transport them into their particular fantasy world. A car may not be just a car to every child, as some will believe that they are piloting a plane or captaining a ship, or driving a train or heading a spaceship out towards another galaxy.”

CS: How important is it to offer a range of both new and used machines and after sales services?

DR: “Good after sales service is the lifeblood of any company, and at World of Rides we have focused upon nothing else since the day we began.”

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