Dreamland Margate applies for 39 metre Sky Tower thrill ride

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A massive ‘shoot and drop’ Sky Tower ride will be just one of the new attractions to terrify thrill seeking tourists at Dreamland Margate this summer.

Bosses at the park have submitted a planning application to Thanet council for permission to build the colossal tourist attraction.
“The new ride, called the Sky Tower, will have a maximum height of 39.5 metres above ground,” said a statement by Nexus Planning, on behalf of park operator Sands Heritage. “Twelve riders are seated all around the column – this provides a great leg-dangling sensation for riders and a great spectacle for everyone else,” the statement added.
Sitting five metres above the Big Wheel, the custom built ride will become the tallest ride at Dreamland.
A park spokesman said: “We have unveiled plans for an exciting new Dreamland Drop Tower, which will form part of a series of attractions coming to the park in 2018. The ride will rotate 360° giving a panoramic view of Dreamland and surrounding Margate.”
Plans submitted by park operator, Sands Heritage, reveal that some existing rides are to be relocated to make way for at least eight more attractions including those for thrill seekers and children.

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