Club Day funfair in hunt for new home

club day funfair
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The popular funfair that has become synonymous with Lytham’s annual Club Day has found itself searching for a site due to council work to its traditional haunt.


The ongoing sea defence work being undertaken between Lytham and Fairhaven has meant that the area of green previously used to site the Club Day funfair is not available for use this year nor next.

In order to relocate the celebration’s amusement location Flyde council is currently in discussion with the funfair operator, Stanley John Cubbins, to find a suitable alternative venue.

Club Day committee chairman Andrea Swindlehurst said: “We have to do everything we can to ensure the funfair goes ahead. It is such a vital part of Club Day and our wonderful annual event wouldn’t be the same without it.

“Club Day has long been a major highlight of Lytham’s year and means so much to so many people. It has such a rich history and the funfair is an integral part of that. A lot of people enjoy the historic routine of Club Day and that includes going along to the funfair, not just on the day but on the Sunday and the evenings either side.”

The siting of the event that is set to take place on 23 June is currently being hamstrung by a number of topographical and community issues. However the council has thrown its weight behind the importance of the fairground and is working with organisers to reach an amicable solution prior to opening.

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